5 Offices in Europe

Paris, London, Luxemburg, Berlin, Brussels.

Creation date



10 M€ in 2020

Enabling your business performance

Consulting in financial industry

Consultants join us !

Our consultancy & services approach is focused on your needs.

Our strategy:

Proposing "the right solutions at the right time" and answering your current priorities to provide you with the best Return on Investment.

Our Consultancy & Services are tailor-made and specific to you needs, much more than duplicated generic approaches. You are unique !

Form individuals to dedicated consultancy & services teams : from individual to complete team, from temporary to permanent support.

Dedicated services and Consultancy

- Compliance
- Change Management
- Organization
- Project Management Office
- Business Analyse
- Technical Development

- Asset management
- Funds Services
- Transfer agency
- Securities Services
- Risk management
- Private Banking
- Insurance
- Life Insurance
- Regulatory
- Compliance

Business performance

Move to the CLOUD to optimize your infrastructure costs.

Implement the DEVOPS to accelerate your developments and reduce your TIME TO MARKET.

Achieve a SHIFT LEFT of your tests with AUTOMATION and AGILE testing practices.

Secure the PERFORMANCE of your applications thanks to our EXPERTS and editor partnerships.

EASE the workload of your business teams by using RPA.

We can help you implement these practices, optimize existing systems, or unblock highly complex situations.

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